Free delivery on orders over €30 ✨

Free delivery on orders over €30 ✨

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Our commitments

Our products are developed with daily respect for 5 fundamental values that are dear to our brand. These commitments represent our desire to always offer you products that respect the environment and your skin.
Yesa natural and clean cosmetic.
Yes to products made in France.
Yes to the respect of the
animal world.
Yes to less waste
on our planet.
Yes to sustainable sourcing

Yes to a natural and clean cosmetic.

We have our own formulation charter for a cleaner, natural or organic cosmetic.

Discover our new ranges of care for the face, the body and the hair! Products that include at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin, respectful of the skin and the planet. We wish to offer the best of the Exotic Nature and have at heart to select natural active ingredients, full of benefits for the skin and the hair: Monoï and Coconut Oil.

Naturalness is written into the heart of our present and future development. Since 2019, our new laboratory is entirely dedicated to the research of new natural materials and we are working alongside the National Museum of Natural History and the CNRS to identify new plants with anti-mosquito properties.

Yesto products
made in France.

Our commitment: to keep more than 95% of the value of our purchases in France.

We believe in the quality and short circuits of "Made in France". All our products are made in France and are designed to integrate French partners: formulas, tests, packaging, labels, manufacturing and packaging, carriers, etc. ... everything goes!

We thus contribute to the influence of the know-how of many small and medium-sized partners.

Yes to the respect
of the animal world.

Because nature and wildlife deserve all our respect, all our new formulas are Vegan, that is to say with ingredients not derived from animals and not produced by them.

We refuse all tests carried out on animals, even if it means not being able to sell our products in certain countries that impose them.

We are committed to the protection of cetaceans in French Polynesia alongside the Oceania association.

Specialized in the study and conservation of cetaceans and whales in the Polynesian sanctuary, the association fights against marine waste and thus protects the biodiversity of the oceans.

Yes to less waste
on our planet.

Our new rinsed formulas are biodegradable to limit our impact on the environment.

We are committed to using recyclable packaging made with less virgin plastic.

Because we are not perfect, we work day after day for ever more responsible packaging by :

  • Opposing over-packaging.
  • Integrating recycled plastic in our bottles and jars as soon as possible.
  • Promoting associations of recyclable materials that will simplify the work of sorting centers today and tomorrow.
  • Eliminating non-recyclable materials from our promotional tools.
  • Accompanying consumers towards a simplified sorting gesture.

In the same way, we participate in the reduction of marine waste alongside the environmental association Oceania. By supporting the "Fa'aora" project, we contribute together to the recovery of fishing waste at sea and to its valorization, by offering it a second life.

Yes to sustainable sourcing.

For products that are ever more natural, addictive and effective, we select active ingredients that are full of benefits for the skin and hair. As true treasures of nature, we pay particular attention to their origin and method of manufacture.

Most of our Monoi oil comes from Tahiti and has an appellation of origin that guarantees its origin and manufacture, according to a traditional ancestral process. In the same way, its sustainable supply allows a fair remuneration to the local farmers.

Our Organic Coconut Oil is a virgin oil of high quality, from first cold pressing, and Vegan. None of our suppliers practice harvesting methods involving animals.