The Christmas store is open - Free delivery on orders over €30 ✨

The Christmas store is open - Free delivery on orders over €30 ✨

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Questions / Answers


Are all your products made in France?

Because we attach importance to the preservation of French know-how and the perpetuation of our jobs on our territory, all Lovea products are made in France.


Are all your products vegan?

At Lovea, we love animals, which is why the majority of our cosmetics are vegan.

However, despite our efforts, some references are not vegan (yet ☺️):

- Our shower gels and shampoos

- Our lip balms



What is a certified organic cosmetic?

A certified organic cosmetic product is developed according to strict specifications that favor raw materials from organic farming, and of natural and plant origin.

Our certified organic products are verified by the certification body Ecocert which checks their conformity. They are also labelled Cosmébio.


Do your sunscreens contain octocrylene?

Because consumer safety will always be our priority, we do not use octocrylene or other decried filters in our formulas. Our formulas contain new sun filters carefully selected for greater respect of the skin.



Does the Monoï you use only comes from Tahiti?

Yes, we only use Monoi with a protective designation of origin, sustainably and responsibly sourced in Tahiti.

Our supplier, a true privileged partner with whom we have been working for several years, is committed to a CSR approach to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Polynesia.

Among other things, it pays particular attention to protecting biodiversity, limiting the use of plastic and reducing the amount of water used during the manufacturing process. As a true guarantor of traditional know-how, it works only with local actors and provides a living for more than twenty Polynesian families through the employment of its employees.



Are your products tested under dermatological control?

Yes, all our products are dermatologically tested, it's a must for us!


Why did you stop milking Grease ?

Even though milking greases were highly popular, we have voluntarily decided to stop selling them because the health of our consumers and of the planet is at the heart of our concerns.

Indeed, milking greases, in addition to not providing any protection against UV rays, are mainly made of petrochemical components whose manufacturing processes are extremely polluting for the planet.

Today, our new range is composed of very high to medium protection products and, for all the unconditional sun lovers, a unique reference of Dry Tanning Oil with 98% of ingredients of natural origin!